Breathtaking beaches with crystalline waters

Surrender To The Magic Of Kos’ Nature

Visit these Beaches of Kos


Lacinated with some of the finest beaches, with aquamarine, emerald, and turquoise waters, in the Aegean Sea, if not the Mediterranean, Kos unveils an unimaginable spectrum of ecstatic summer experiences.


With 121 kilometers of coastline, Kos is considered to have the longest coastline in the Aegean Sea! From organized beaches with sundecks, umbrellas, water sports facilities, beach bars and restaurants to secluded beaches for ultimate privacy, Kos literally has everything. The majority of the beaches of Kos are easily accessible from land and sea.


Those who want to escape the crowds, Kamari, Kefalos (Camel) and Limnionas are the best beaches for total seclusion and privacy. Kohilari is also a terrific sandy beach with shallow crystalline waters; it enjoys strong northern winds, an ideal choice for windsurfing enthusiasts. Marmari, Mastichari, and Tigaki beaches tend to be the most famous sandy beaches on the northern coast, equipped with all the beach facilities. Agios Stefanos with stunning views to Kastri islet is another great option while Paradise beach and Cavo Paradiso beaches in Kefalos are thought to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Kos due to their exotic-like sceneries. On the eastern coast, Agios Fokas, Lampi, and Psalidi beaches are primarily pebbled with clear waters. Distinguished as the sole beach with thermal springs, Therma has a distinct beauty surrounded by cliffs. Its natural spring has healing properties, and its temperature elevates 50°C.


It is definite that whatever your beach preference is, Kos provides a wide range of beach choices for every traveler.