A Mediterranean Island

Discover The Unimaginable Beauty Of Kos

A brief story of the island of Kos


Kos is a world of inspiring stories, mythical monuments, and spectacular natural sceneries.


Characterised as the island of Hippocrates, the father of Medicine who was born and lived on this hospitable land, the third biggest island of the Dodecanese archipelago will take your breath away. Scattered ruins of the once historical city guide visitors through the cultural heritage and rich history of the island through a maze of mind-blowing remains of the Byzantine, Greek and Roman times.


From the Asclepieion, the ancient healing center, the marvellous Medieval Castle of Kos along with the Roman Odeon and the Ancient Agora, and the 2,500 years old Tree of Hippocrates to the exemplary flora and fauna of Dikeos mountain, the sunset views from Zia village, and the pristine beaches of Agios Stefanos, Kefalos, Kohilari, Tigaki, Therma, and, of course, Paradise, your journey to Kos will remain at your heart forever.